Monday, November 19, 2012

Anyone for a Ménage à Trois?

Now, before you get all hot and bothered, I am referring to thMénage à Trois Red Wine. This is a wine from California's own Napa Valley. My favorite is the 2007. Now, if you have not ventured into red wines before, I suggest this particular red because it is easy on the palate. It is vibrant and delicious. It's a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon (my personal favorite). The Cab gives it a hearty richness, Zin adds fruitiness, and Merlot mellows them both out. You can taste flavors of raspberry, cherry, and a smidgeon of vanilla. As far as price, it's fairly decent at $12.00/bottle. 

I know reds are usually drank at room temperature, but I find that chilling the Ménage à Trois before opening it adds a nice refreshing zing to it. As most reds, it's best if you let it breathe before drinking it. After de-corking the bottle, try putting it in a vessel filled with ice. I say vessel because I don't have an ice bucket. I do have a stock pot so I fill that up with ice and chill my wine in it. I guess watching McGyver has paid off. You should see what I can do with a stick of Juicy Fruit and a Swiss Army knife...but I digress. Anyway, so a chilled Ménage à Trois is definitely how I choose to have this liquid in my mouth. 

As for pairings, they say reds go well with steaks or pasta with red meaty sauces. So basically anything red and meaty...hhhmmm? Well, I say this, Ménage à Trois is yummy enough to go with anything. That's right, I'm going to break from the norm and say that you can pair Ménage à Trois with anything your heart desires. I've even had this wine in a Sangria. But can you drink it with fish? Heck, yes, you can drink it with fish! You can drink it in a boat! You can drink it with stewed goat! You can drink it with a fox! But, you can't drink it from a box. It's only in bottles. 

At any rate, try Ménage à Trois Red Wine; 2007, if you can find it, but 2008 and even current ones are good, too. I recommend it. In fact, I'm finishing a bottle as I write this blog. Bottoms up!